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Explore the glamorous coast of the French Riviera and enjoy the chic lifestyle.

Enjoy great sailing, glamorous resorts, sandy beaches and gastronomic delights on a yacht charter holiday in the South of France. The French Riviera offers such a legendary mix of warm blue seas, superb sandy beaches and vibrant resorts which has long appealed to sailors. Chartering your own yacht really is the best way to visit this beautiful stretch of Mediterranean coastline.

The qualities of light and scented landscapes that have attracted so many artists, combined with warm velvety nights, are all ingredients of the intangible, eternal appeal of the French Riviera. On a sailing holiday you can discover unspoilt islands, rugged inlets, sandy beaches - side by side with the large cosmopolitan resorts of Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo. And don't miss out on St. Tropez with its famous clock tower, picturesque cobbled streets and collection of designer boutiques.

French Riviera yacht charter

  • Overview
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    Port Cros


    Cogolin Spice market


    St Tropez street

    Sailing on the French Riviera

    • Easily accessible-daily flights to Nice from most UK airports
    • Start your charter from Bormes, Golfe Juan or St Raphael
    • Don't miss the Venetian style canals of Port Grimaud, a truly unique town
    • Average distances of 16nm/day
    • Level 2 sailing
    • Average summer temperatures of 24-28 degrees
    • Average winds force 2-3 but can be stronger in July & August
    • Great for families, couples and groups alike
    • Mostly harbours and marinas in this area
    • Flotilla option
    • Flexible start and finish dates are available
  • 1 Wk Itinerary

    Suggested 1 week sailing itinerary from Bormes les Mimosas

    DAY 1 : Bormes les Mimosas

    There are shops and a supermarket nearby and a market on Saturdays. This delightful Provencal village takes its name from the abundant mimosa plants that grow in the hillside surrounding the village. A great starting place to explore the Iles d’Hyeres.

    DAY 2 : Port de Poquerolles (20nm)

    The largest of the Iles d’Hyeres, this island is designated a Nature Reserve and the waters around the island protected as a marine reserve, so the snorkelling is great. Hire bicycles to explore the botanical trails across the wild interior of this island. Port de Porquerolles is the main harbour and offers good shelter and a wide range of restaurants.

    DAY 3 : St Tropez (25nm)

    Sail east to one of the best known ports along the coast. Relax in one the many waterfront cafes where you can soak up the atmosphere and view the megayachts of the rich and famous. Moor in a visitor’s berth or anchor just outside the harbour. Marina de Cogolins across the bay also has overnight berths.

    DAY 4 : Port Grimaud (5nm)

    Explore the canals of Port Grimaud. The village is built around a series of canals which can be explored by dinghy. Arched bridges across the canals have made the village inaccessible in places to cars so there is a lovely sense of tranquillity. Overnight on the yacht quay here or across the bay at St Maxime.

    DAY 5 : Cavalaire (17nm)

    Sail west to Cavalaire, formerly a small fishing harbour, but now a popular summer resort due to the long sandy beach stretching round the bay. Excellent marina and a wide choice of restaurants and bars.

    DAY 6 : Port-Cros (15nm)

    The highest of the Iles d’Hyeres, also a Nature Reserve with an excellent snorkelling trail. There are many restaurants around the harbour. Avoid the day-trippers by visiting during the week.

    DAY 7 : Bormes les Mimosas (15nm)

    French Riviera 1 week sailing holiday itinerary

  • Sailing Conditions

    Sailing conditions on the French Riviera

    Winds are generally light on the French Riviera Force 2-3 but a strong north-westerly mistral wind blows in July and August, normally for 1-2 days.

    We have rated this destination a 'Level 2-3' (levels info) and you will need RYA Day Skipper or ICC qualification for bareboat charters in France.

    If you are at all unsure about a destination then please get in touch and our sales team will be more than happy to make their recommendations for you.

  • Getting There

    Getting There

    Flights to Nice

    There are daily flights to Nice from most UK airports.

    Flights to Toulon

    Ryanair have flights to Toulon from Liverpool & Stansted.


    The transfer time from Nice airport to Golfe Juan is 30 mins and to St Raphael 45 mins. The transfer time from Toulon to Bormes les Mimosas is 20 minutes. 

"Our sailing holiday from Portisco was a great success. The Dufour 412 is the best yacht I have ever sailed and Boomerang are the best fleet I have ever chartered with. "

Sardinia June 2018 - I.J.

French Riviera yacht charter prices

Fleet 1 from Port Pin Roland Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices Extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

2023 GB£ per yachtDufour 360 Liberty(2020)Dufour 382 GL(2019)Dufour 390 GL(2021)Dufour 412(2022)Dufour 412 GL(2020)Oceanis 41.1(2021)
Dates3 cabins/1WC3 cabins/1WC3 cabins/3WC3 cabins/2WC3 cabins/2WC3 cabins/2WC
13-19 May212922432548285225482548
20-26 May212922432548285225482548
27 May-02 Jun244825762929328129292929
03-09 Jun267128143200358632003200
10-16 Jun283829863395380533953395
17-23 Jun296731243552398135523552
24-30 Jun305732193657409536573657
01-07 Jul326234333900436739003900
08-14 Jul358637764290480542904290
15-21 Jul358637764290480542904290
22-28 Jul373839334471501044714471
29 Jul-04 Aug411443294919551049194919
05-11 Aug411443294919551049194919
12-18 Aug411443294919551049194919
19-25 Aug326234333900436739003900
26 Aug-01 Sep280529523352375233523352
02-08 Sep269028333219360532193219
09-15 Sep255226863052341930523052
16-22 Sep230524242752308127522752
23-29 Sep218122952610292426102610

Fleet 1 from Port Pin Roland Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices Extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

2023 GB£ per yachtDufour 430 GL(2019)Dufour 520 GL(2020)Sun Loft 47 - 6 + 1 cab.(2021)
Dates4 cabins/2WC5 cabins/3WC6 cabins/4WC
13-19 May292939763629
20-26 May292939763629
27 May-02 Jun336745714176
03-09 Jun368150004862
10-16 Jun390552575114
17-23 Jun408655245376
24-30 Jun420556955533
01-07 Jul448660675900
08-14 Jul493366716490
15-21 Jul493366716490
22-28 Jul514368676771
29 Jul-04 Aug565778387443
05-11 Aug565778387443
12-18 Aug565778387443
19-25 Aug448660675900
26 Aug-01 Sep385752195076
02-08 Sep370050714914
09-15 Sep351048244676
16-22 Sep316743384205
23-29 Sep300041243676

Fleet 1 from Port Pin Roland Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices Extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

2023 GB£ per yachtBali 4.1 - 3 cab(2018)Bali 4.3 - 4 + 2 cab.(2017)Bali 4.6 - 5 + 2 cab.(2023)Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 - 4 + 2 cab.(2023)Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 Quintet - 5 + 1 cab.(2020)Lagoon 40 - 4 + 2 cab(2020)Nautitech 46 Fly(2018)
Dates3 cabins/2WC4 cabins/4WC5 cabins/4WC4 cabins/4WC5 cabins/5WC4 cabins/4WC4 cabins/4WC
13-19 May2829408665334529583336244300
20-26 May2914421067244667600537334433
27 May-02 Jun3352484877335371690542955105
03-09 Jun3748541989386005798148055705
10-16 Jun4124596798296610877652866281
17-23 Jun43296257103196933921455486586
24-30 Jun44576448106297143949057146786
01-07 Jul499068671131476101010060867229
08-14 Jul569075571244883711111466957952
15-21 Jul569075571244883711111466957952
22-28 Jul621982571361491481215773198690
29 Jul-04 Aug821010895179521207116029965711467
05-11 Aug821010895179521207116029965711467
12-18 Aug821010895179521207116029965711467
19-25 Aug499068671131476101010060867229
26 Aug-01 Sep3890563392816238828649905929
02-08 Sep3519509584005643750045145362
09-15 Sep3348484379815362712442905095
16-22 Sep3114450574104990661439904743
23-29 Sep2890418168864629614837054400

Fleet 1 from Port Pin Roland



Refundable deposit from €2500 to €6000. Non refundable deposit on request.

EXTRAS INCLUDED: Outboard, bed linen and towels.


End cleaning; Monohulls up to 38' €150, 39'-45' €180, 46'-49' €215, 50' and above €240

End cleaning: Catamarans up to 40' €235, 41'-45' €255, 46'-49' €280 50' and above €310

Starter pack and handling fees; €45
Fuel used (fill up on return)
Optional extras (i.e. SUP's etc) are available on request.
SKIPPER: €1820/week + food and drink + own cabin. Cats 48' & over €2100 + food and drink + own cabin

Prices may be subject to change.

Sailing Qualifications

To skipper a bareboat charter or flotilla yacht, you need to hold a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC). For charters in Greece, you must now have the ICC certificate. You must also be assisted by at least one competent crew member over the age of 18.

The port authorities in Greece are now insisting on one of the following practical certificates: RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competence), RYA Coastal, RYA Yachtmaster, ASA IPC (International Proficiency Certificate) or the IYT (International Yacht Training) Passport. If you hold an RYA Day Skipper or ASA104 it will no longer be accepted and you need to obtain either an ICC or IPC from the corresponding issuing body (RYA or ASA). If your RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster or ASA105/106 certificate is more than 12 years old and does not have a photo ID, then we would also strongly advise applying for an ICC or IPC. If you are a member of the RYA or ASA, you may qualify for a discount or free certificate, otherwise, you will have to pay. The approximate cost is £50. Please use this link - RYA application for the ICC or ASA application for the IPC.

For charters in Croatia, Malta and the Canaries, at least one member of the crew or the skipper will also need a VHF licence.

RYA qualifications can be obtained by RYA sailing schools in the UK or alternatively choose from one of our overseas centres in Gibraltar, Greece or Turkey.

For Seychelles, the local authorities require an ICC for the skipper of a bareboat or flotilla yacht charter.

For Caribbean and Tropical charters, formal qualifications are not compulsory, however, you should be Day Skipper standard and be assisted by at least one competent crew. A brief sailing resume should be provided to outline your experience.

If you don't hold the relevant qualifications then why not add a skipper?

Sailing Levels

Level 1

Winds force 2-3 (4-11 Knots)combined with generally shorter distances. Good for beginner or intermediate sailors. Line-of-sight navigation but basic knowledge of charts and ability to plot your position required.

Level 2

Winds force 3-5 (7-21 Knots) with approximately 15-20nm per day. Intermediate experience required. Predominately line of sight navigation but an understanding of how to sail in open water.

Level 3

Winds force 4-6 (11-27 Knots) with mileage of approximately 20nm+ per day. Ideal for experienced skippers looking to venture out to new destinations. Day skipper standard but with experienced crew would be recommended.