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Enjoy a sailing holiday on Sardinia's Costa Smerelda, "the Emerald Coast", famous for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and jet set lifestyle.

Start your yacht charter in Sardinia from Marina di Portisco on the chic Costa Smeralda, "the Emerald Coast", an area buzzing with designer shopping, piazzas and stunning views

Sail north into the La Maddelena National Park, a marine park scattered with islands and sandy beaches, including the famous pink beach "spiaggia rosa" on Budelli. The seven main islands offer peaceful anchorages, although there is a small overnighting charge for the mooring buoys provided by the park authority. Visit the delightful harbour at La Maddelana, a fishing village with harbourside restaurants, although in peak season the small harbour is very crowded.

Combine the flavours of Italy and France on this sailing holiday. Bonifacio on the French island of Corsica is within easy reach and the dramatic entrance through the narrow opening in the cliff, the “Bocche di Bonifacio”, is not be missed.

Sardinia Yacht Charter

  • Overview
    Sailing Sardinia

    Isola Giardinelli, La Maddalena National Park


    Marina di Portisco






    Cabrera Island, La Maddalena National Park

    Sailing holidays in Sardinia

    • Easyjet flights to Olbia from Gatwick, Luton and Bristol
    • Sail through the stunning, clear waters of La Maddalena National Park
    • Average distances of 19nm/day
    • Level 2 sailing
    • Average summer temperatures of 26-30 degrees
    • Can be affected by the stronger Mistral winds in August
    • Take the opportunity to visit Corsica
    • Fantastic diving and snorkelling
    • A mixture of anchorages and harbour moorings in this area
    • Flexible start and finish dates possible
  • 1 Wk Itinerary

    Suggested 1 week sailing itinerary from Portisco

    DAY 1 : Portisco

    Portisco lies on the jet set Costa Smeralda ("Emerald Coast"), an area buzzing with designer shopping, piazzas and stunning views.

    Day 2 : Cannigione (15nm)

    A sheltered harbour with good seafood restaurants. If you keep going along the Caprera coast, the very deep bay of Porto Palma offers the best sheltered free mooring in the area. Here you can safely stay the night whatever the wind.

    DAY 3 : La Maddelena (6nm)

    Visit a couple of small bays in S.Stefano and on the mainland, then sail to La Maddalena harbour on the main island of the Archipelago. La Maddelena is a traditional fishing harbour, picturesque and bustling, but sometimes in peak season the small harbour is very crowded, so you may have to overnight in Palau on the mainland.

    DAY 4 : Lavezzi (15nm)

    A marine park with fabulous snorkelling and diving.

    DAY 5 : Bonifacio (21nm)

    Bonifacio is on the south coast of Corsica. A dramatic entrance through the cliffs opens into a beautiful bay with anchorages and moorings on the town quay.

    DAY 6 : Porto Massimo (16nm)

    A small harbour on the north eastern coast of La Maddelena.

    DAY 7 : Portisco (18nm)

    Sardinia 1 week sailing holiday itinerary

  • Sailing Conditions

    Sailing conditions in Sardinia

    Sardinia enjoys typical Mediterranean weather, which makes the conditions ideal for a sailing holiday from May through to October. Winds from the north-north-west average Force 4. Stronger mistral winds can blow in August, lasting 1-2 days. Summer temperatures average 26-30ºC.

    We have rated this destination a 'Level 2' (levels info) and you will need RYA Day Skipper or ICC qualification for bareboat charters in Sardinia.

    You can see all of the bases we offer in Italy along with the level ratings here so that you can find the most suitable destination for you. If you are at all unsure about a destination then please get in touch and our sales team will be more than happy to make their recommendations for you.

  • Getting There

    Getting There

    Flights to Olbia

    EasyJet operates flights from Gatwick, Luton and Bristol to Olbia.


    The transfer time to Portisco marina is approximately 20 minutes. 

  • Sailing Journal

    Sardinia Sailing Journal

    Supplied by Hannah, Nautilus Yachting

    This was my first time sailing in Italy and I was beyond impressed with not only the fantastic sailing winds but also the variety of jaw-dropping scenery. As a crew, we were pleasantly surprised by the manageable sailing distances between a range of daytime and overnight anchorages and ports, which easily allows for itineraries taking in multiple stops or covering some longer passages.

    While it is a more expensive destination compared with Greece, for example, it is definitely rewarding for those looking for a challenge and a change. A week is never enough to explore everything on offer in this region but the amount you can sail and see in that time makes this a perfect destination to combine a week’s charter with a week onshore relaxing, biking, or kitesurfing, all popular options for twin-centre holidays in Sardinia.

    Day 1

    SATURDAY - Arrival in Portisco

    The taxi from Olbia airport to Marina di Portisco was about €55 for two people with luggage and took 20 minutes. There is provisioning in the marina minimarket, this is small but has a reasonable selection to stock up including speciality items for BBQ and a fantastic deli (as to be expected in Italy). The fresh fruit & veg selection was not great but this may be due to arriving late on a Saturday afternoon. It is also quite expensive as there is no other option nearby and there are no niche items eg. gluten-free, vegan etc. There is no delivery service but you can easily push the trolley back to the boat. I would probably recommend pre-provisioning for a large crew or late arrival.

    After a busy day, there are two restaurants in the marina plus some snack bars/cafes. Food is reasonably priced and you can always just have a pizza for the cheap option!
    Day 2


    Heading South!
    The full and thorough area briefing by Sergio on Sunday morning is not to be missed. Full of great local information about procedures, safe harbours, and hazards. Due to the strong winds north of the harbour on our first day, we decided to head south and take it easy.

    Moresca (lunch stop)

    This was a pretty little bay but a bit too close to a fish farm and also busy with local “day boats” from Olbia because of the weekend.

    Tavolara (overnight)

    A great anchorage with lots of space, a nice sandy beach and impressive scenery. There are mooring buoys but these are for the stylish Italian speed boats so are expensive and unnecessary, holding is good for anchoring and free-swinging. I would suggest avoiding the weekends as you get a lot of day trip boats from Olbia, but they usually leave between 5-7 pm so it is very relaxing overnight. Two restaurants in the bay (one casual, one upmarket), most of their trade comes from the day trip people at lunchtime so they are not always open for dinner in the low season but if there are enough yachts they will.

    Day 3


    Exploring La Maddalena

    Setting off early we navigated around the eastern end of Tavolara to keep a clear heading north towards La Maddalena National Park. The permit for which is easily purchased in advance online. We perused many of the potential stops on route to our final destination for the evening.

    Porto Cevro – Pop in

    This is a very tight and exclusive marina for upmarket superyachts and elegant classic vessels. There wasn’t much going on in the early season but I am sure the atmosphere in July & August is great if you are looking for a night out in the Monaco of Italy. You can also moor on the quay or floating pontoon in nearby Porto Vecchio for a quieter (and cheaper) night.

    Caprera, Porto Palma

    This is a very "nice" bay, nothing overly special but the approach is easy without too many hazards, the water is good for swimming and there is lots of space and it is well protected from nearly all wind directions. You can take a buoy or anchor.

    Cala di Villa marina, San Stefano

    This is a tricky rocky little bay but it offers great shelter and scenery if you can get a space, it is suitable for lunch or overnight. The sculpture of Garibaldi in the rockface on the cliff is not to be missed!

    Maddalena Town, Maddalena Island

    This looked very large and busy so we avoided it as we were already fully stocked with food and water so there was no need for a pit-stop yet. It would be great if you need shelter as there are lots of harbour options with 4-5 different marinas/quays!

    Palau, Sardinia – this looks cute from a distance, not as large as Maddalena town but still with a good number of berths and is very close/accessible for an overnight if you are struggling to get in elsewhere.

    Cala Corsara, Spargi Island

    At the South end of the island, this is a great lunch stop or overnight anchorage with a great beach and some fantastic scenery. All of the “day boats” and motor yachts leave around 5-6 pm when it becomes very peaceful and the local pigs frolic on the beach!

    Day 4


    Fantastic sailing to Bonifacio, Corsica The journey from La Maddalena park area to the southern tip of Corsica is a sailor’s blue moon with the right angle and amount of wind for a perfect passage. We set off first thing and arrived by lunch to enjoy the afternoon sightseeing.

    Bonifacio is incredible and definitely worth a visit. You should definitely pre-book a mooring online in advance (a few days should be sufficient) as we nearly struggled to get a space in May. The cost with power and water was approximately €70 for a 38ft monohull.

    There is plenty to do, see, eat and drink in town. You can stock up on French pastries and wine but you will need to break out your French! When it's warm I recommend catching the tourist train up the hill into town and then walking back down later. There are several walking trails around the down with fantastic views so if you prefer exercise then definitely take a stroll out of town.

    Day 5


    Lavezzi Island, France We left Bonifacio late and full of croissants so opted for an easy afternoon and overnight anchorage in nearby Lavezzi island en route back to Italian waters. While from a distance this island does not appear to offer enough shelter overnight, once inside the bay we were well-protected and comfortable. Navigation around the many rocks is a little hair-raising but quite manageable with a good look-out and there is plenty of space and good holding. As usual, the day boats disappear before sunset leaving just sailors and seagulls.

    Day 6


    Cala Coticcio & Cala Portese
    Fantastic sailing again across the straits of Bonifacio, downwind this time, as we watched on in awe as a regatta of high-performance and classic sailing vessels steamed past us with ease. Stopping at Cala Coticcio for lunch is one of the most popular beaches in the Maddalena Archipelago. It is a gorgeous spot but does get quite busy and is not great for an overnight anchorage as the hills create some interesting wind gusts throughout the evening and overnight as the temperature changes. Heading just south to Cala Portese is the popular option recommended.

    Day 7


    Cala do Volpe & Portisco Marina We spent a lazy final day ambling down the Sardinian coastline and anchoring for lunch in Cala di Volpe, a huge bay with long beaches and a perfect pit-stop before returning to Portisco marina for check-out and departure.

"Just to stay that if there is only one place in the world that you should charter, make it the Stockholm Archipelago! A memorable and thoroughly enjoyable charter. "

Stockholm 2015 - P.M.

Sardinia Yacht Charter prices

From Portisco Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices, extra 3% OFF for 2 weeks.

Yacht details 27 May-17 Jun17 Jun-08 Jul08-29 Jul29 Jul-19 Aug19 Aug-02 Sep02-23 Sep23 Sep-31 Dec
Model / layout Year Cabins WC
Dufour 390 Grand Large2021322952352440954667352429522762
Dufour 412 GL2017322952352442294857352429522667
Dufour 412 GL2016322952342940954571342929522571
Dufour 360 GL2022312667314335244000314326672381
Dufour 350 GL2017312095263831713486263820951905
Oceanis 382016322476304833813810304824762190
Oceanis 382021312762333339054381333327622476

Fleet 2 from Portisco Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices, extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

Yacht details 01 Jan-27 May27 May-24 Jun24 Jun-05 Aug05 Aug-19 Aug19 Aug-26 Aug26 Aug-23 Sep23 Sep-31 Dec
Model / layout Year Cabins WC
BAVARIA CRUISER 37 2018312009276932584236325827692009

From Portisco Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices, extra 3% OFF for 2 weeks.

Yacht details 27 May-17 Jun17 Jun-08 Jul08-29 Jul29 Jul-19 Aug19 Aug-02 Sep02-23 Sep23 Sep-31 Dec
Model / layout Year Cabins WC
Dufour 520 Grand Large2020535238666776199143666752384762
Dufour 56 Exclusive20186360957524885710190752460955238
Sun Odyssey 4902019534667581068578048581046674190
Dufour 460 Grand Large2016443905457153336476457139053333
Oceanis 55201564 (3+1)5048644874299048644850484571
Dufour 460 Grand Large2018434095485755246762485740953524
Dufour 56 Exclusive20226366678095923810667809566675619
Sun Odyssey 4402019424095495255246571495240953429

Fleet 2 from Portisco Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices, extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

Yacht details 01 Jan-27 May27 May-24 Jun24 Jun-05 Aug05 Aug-19 Aug19 Aug-26 Aug26 Aug-23 Sep23 Sep-31 Dec
Model / layout Year Cabins WC
BAVARIA C45 HOLIDAY 2018523590494658197565581949463590
BAVARIA C45/4 CBS 2019433590494658197565581949463590
SUN ODYSSEY 490 2019643789522061427984614252203789

From Portisco Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices, extra 3% OFF for 2 weeks.

Yacht details 27 May-17 Jun17 Jun-08 Jul08-29 Jul29 Jul-19 Aug19 Aug-02 Sep02-23 Sep23 Sep-31 Dec
Model / layout Year Cabins WC
Lagoon 46202055 (4+1)790599051285714000990579056286
Lagoon 4220186461908095971410381809561905238

Fleet 2 from Portisco Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices, extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

Yacht details 01 Jan-27 May27 May-24 Jun24 Jun-05 Aug05 Aug-19 Aug19 Aug-26 Aug26 Aug-23 Sep23 Sep-31 Dec
Model / layout Year Cabins WC
LUCIA 40 4 CABIN (CAT) 2019444339633070349143703463304339
BALI 4.1 (CAT) 2019444686683675979874759768364686

Fleet 1 from Portisco

INCLUDED - FREE outboard on yachts 50'+

Extras payable on embarkation:


Refundable deposit €2000 - €3000. Non refundable deposit on request.
Service pack from €185 for 2-3 cabin yachts, €210 for 4 cabin yachts, €220 for 5 cabin yachts, €250 for Catamarans (includes end cleaning, bedding & towels).
Fuel used (fill up on return)
Optional extras (i.e Outboard, SUP's etc) available on request.
SKIPPER: €1295/week + food and drink + own cabin




Prices may be subject to change.

Sailing Qualifications

To skipper a bareboat charter or flotilla yacht, you need to hold a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC). For charters in Greece, you must now have the ICC certificate. You must also be assisted by at least one competent crew member over the age of 18.

The port authorities in Greece are now insisting on one of the following practical certificates: RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competence), RYA Coastal, RYA Yachtmaster, ASA IPC (International Proficiency Certificate) or the IYT (International Yacht Training) Passport. If you hold an RYA Day Skipper or ASA104 it will no longer be accepted and you need to obtain either an ICC or IPC from the corresponding issuing body (RYA or ASA). If your RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster or ASA105/106 certificate is more than 12 years old and does not have a photo ID, then we would also strongly advise applying for an ICC or IPC. If you are a member of the RYA or ASA, you may qualify for a discount or free certificate, otherwise, you will have to pay. The approximate cost is £50. Please use this link - RYA application for the ICC or ASA application for the IPC.

For charters in Croatia, Malta and the Canaries, at least one member of the crew or the skipper will also need a VHF licence.

RYA qualifications can be obtained by RYA sailing schools in the UK or alternatively choose from one of our overseas centres in Gibraltar, Greece or Turkey.

For Seychelles, the local authorities require an ICC for the skipper of a bareboat or flotilla yacht charter.

For Caribbean and Tropical charters, formal qualifications are not compulsory, however, you should be Day Skipper standard and be assisted by at least one competent crew. A brief sailing resume should be provided to outline your experience.

If you don't hold the relevant qualifications then why not add a skipper?

Sailing Levels

Level 1

Winds force 2-3 (4-11 Knots)combined with generally shorter distances. Good for beginner or intermediate sailors. Line-of-sight navigation but basic knowledge of charts and ability to plot your position required.

Level 2

Winds force 3-5 (7-21 Knots) with approximately 15-20nm per day. Intermediate experience required. Predominately line of sight navigation but an understanding of how to sail in open water.

Level 3

Winds force 4-6 (11-27 Knots) with mileage of approximately 20nm+ per day. Ideal for experienced skippers looking to venture out to new destinations. Day skipper standard but with experienced crew would be recommended.